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Bucket List!

I made my first Bucket List a few days after I turned 21. I was living in London and enjoying every single minute, never wanting it to end. I had always had ideas in my mind of “things to do before…..” but never put any of them down on paper. I remember one day I was on the top of a Double-Decker bus looking outside and feeling like I was on top of the world. When I got back to my flat, I sat down on my bed, opened a note on my iPhone and started listing everything I could think of. In just a few minutes of stream of consciousness, I had a list of over 20 things!

With 25 feeling SO FAR AWAY and like such a concrete, trans-formative number, I decided to call my list “25 Before 25” and once I reached naming 25 things, I would stop. I’ve kept this note even as I changed phones, traveled and moved around the world, always aspiring to check something off and for help in making major decisions.

I am a notorious procrastinator and consistently claim to “live in the moment” rather than plan ahead, and so my list isn’t always checked off (instead, I think of things I should have added to it so I could cross it off after it’s already done). For the past four years my list has been moved around, forgotten about and consulted for various reasons. As I inched closer to 25 (which is now in about a week)  I’ve realized that I’m not where I thought I would be at the time I made the list… but I’m getting there. Turning 25 doesn’t really feel like as scary and life altering as it did at 21… so instead of feeling defeat and disappointment at not completing the list, I decided to add to it… and so a “30 Before 30” was born!

The idea of a Bucket List is inspiring and challenging. It encourages you to push past boundaries and get away from your comfort zone. It’s a major LIFE to-do list. It’s like a contract with yourself to do things that scare you, things you wouldn’t normally do without being pushed, things you have to be reminded to do. It could help point your life in a specific direction and make you think about what truly matters to you. Plus, there’s no greater satisfaction and tangible feeling of accomplishment than crossing something off a list! I hope someone reading this starts getting inspired to make and share their own. I would say that my list reflects my sense of adventure, love of travel and incessant creativity. What would yours say about you???

30 Before 30!

  1. Start and keep a blog (THIS! and my Thailand blog :))
  2. Pitch an article to AFAR Magazine
  3. Get paid for my writing/ doing what I love
  4. Visit San Francisco
  5. Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge (Done with Nancy & Polly!)
  6. Buy an expensive/kick-ass article of clothing/pair of shoes (Just treated myself to a Stitch Fix box, which resulted in a sweater that was more expensive than I’d usually spend, but still want something a little more “kick-ass”)
  7. Fall in love
  8. Go to India
  9. Make my own sushi (Done just a few days shy of my 25th! woohooo)
  10. Brew my own beer
  11. Learn how to swim (I can breast stroke AND back stroke!)
  12. Go to a music festival (Was going to go to one in Malaysia, but that was CANCELLED!)
  13. Pay off my credit card/ some of my student loan debt (HAHAHA)
  14. Eat a bug (In Thailand, of course)
  15. Skydive!!
  16. Learn some ASL (I don’t want to cross this out until I learn a lot more)
  17. Run in a race (6K’s of Christmas in Arizona)
  18. Ride an elephant (My first week in Thailand!)
  19. Make my own piece of jewelry
  20. Get a second tattoo (Done in Thailand)
  21. Get my license
  22. See NMH in concert (This will never happen since they’re done touring!)
  23. Make a new friend (I’ve made quite a few since this list was made :))
  24. Learn how to play an instrument (I know a few chords on the ukulele)
  25. Make residence in a different country (Lived in Thailand for a year)
  26. Visit a state I’ve never been to (Visited Danielle in Austin, TX)
  27. Go on a road trip
  28. Do something that scares me
  29. Learn how to walk in heels
  30. Be in a wedding (Happening! thanks for getting married, Chris!!)

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