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Avocado Toast

I LOVE AVOCADOS. So much so that I have tried, repeatedly, to convince y best friend Danielle to get matching avocado tattoos. (Spoiler: she says no every single time). However, she knows I’ll never give up! In fact for her birthday, I found avocado temporary tattoos. Cue the ridiculousness.

Avocados are not only pretty damn good for you, but are a pretty damn good match to almost every meal as well. Guacamole, deviled eggs, baked eggs, smoothies, muffins, pasta sauce, salads, Trader Joe’s Guacamole Hummus… the list can go on forever. But I’d have to say my personal favorite is Avocado Toast.


Who doesn’t love Avocado Toast? It’s a balanced, versatile, heathy and easy breakfast or snack (lets be honest, or lunch or dinner). Bread and avocado… those are the essentials. It’s up to you to add toppings and seasonings and accompaniments.

For breakfast, I can’t think of a better match for the two than a sunny side up egg and chicken sausage. The whole meal really only takes about 10 minutes to make. Toast bread, slice avocado, cook sausage. On this morning I was exceptionally ambitious and I caramelized beets and onions before I sauteed my sausage to add texture and flavor. Then, I topped off the whole dish with arugula.


Avocado Toast with Egg and Sausage
Serves: 1


1 – Aidell’s Chicken & Apple Smoked Sausage (A staple in my freezer – make sure it’s thawed)
1/4 – Small beet, peeled.
1/4 – small red onion
1 – medium egg
1 – slice of whole wheat toast
1/2 – Avocado
Small handful of arugula
Olive Oil, Salt & Pepper

First, chop your beet and onion. Saute them with olive oil over medium heat. While they’re in the pan, chop your sausage into bite sized chunks. Once the onion and beet softens, throw in the sausage. Heat through, stirring occasionally.

While that’s heating up, toast the bread and slice the avocado.

Remove sausage mixture from pan. Keep it on! Crack the egg directly into the pan and cook through (until the white has settled).

Assemble the meal! Spread the avocado directly onto the toast. S&P it… when the egg is done, use a spatula to place it right on top of the avocado. Add some more salt and pepper and sprinkle the arugula on top of the egg. Serve the sausage on the side.




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